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The Transition to Parenthood Course

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Prepare for life with a young baby, both emotionally and practically.

  • 300 Swiss francs
  • Chemin Jacques-Attenville


This course is ideal to do either privately or with a small group of other parents-to-be you know who also want to prepare for life with a young baby. Times and location can be adapted to meet your needs and availability. Join me as we spend time preparing for life with a young baby, both practically and emotionally. Come with all your questions, big or small, and together we will unpack one of the biggest and most exciting transitions in life we make - becoming parents! Course outline In the first session (3 hours) we will focus on thinking about your little baby, what are they going to be doing and how do you actually take care of them! I will equip and empower you with knowledge and take your through evidence based techniques to care for them both practically and emotionally. Session outline: • Understanding your developing baby • Building a relationship with your baby • Practically caring for your baby In the second session (1.5 hours) the focus will be on you as a parent/parents. We will think through expectations about parenting and how being prepared emotionally can make all the difference. We will look at your relationships and how these may be shaped during this transition - I will give you practical tools to help keep your relationships healthy and to embrace the changes in positive ways. We will also think about looking after your emotional health after you have a baby. Session outline: • What does becoming a parent mean to me • How is becoming a parent going to shape my life and relationships • How can I prepare for and embrace the start of the incredible journey of becoming a parent I am so excited to help you get off to the best possible start and to support and encourage you as you discover the joy and challenge of being parents.

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