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The Transition to Parenthood  Course

Lots of people say that the transition to becoming a parent is one of the most significant transitions we make as humans. Understandably there is a lot of focus on pregnancy and birth in the run up to becoming parents - after all this is a huge aspect of the journey! However, in hindsight many parents tell me that they wish they had also spent more time considering what life was going to look like after their baby arrived.  

This unique and holistic course is designed to create space for you to begin to prepare for life with a baby, both practically and emotionally. As well as teaching you about caring for your baby, together we will explore what becoming a parent means for you and look at how embarking on this journey shapes many aspects of our lives. Click the read more button below for more information. 


This course will also help you meet other parents to be and find your parenting tribe. You will also automatically be invited to join a local baby group too.



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