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The Transition to Parenthood Birth Preparation Course

We are often so focused on pregnancy and birth in our antenatal preparation that we end up feeling unprepared for the huge life-changing transition we are about to face as parents. The Transition to Parenthood Birth Preparation Course recognises the importance of being prepared for both the birth of your baby and for the new role of being a parent for the first time or when growing your family.  


This unique and holistic antenatal course is designed to equip you with knowledge on all aspects of your transition into parenthood or growing your family. As well as preparing you practically we will create space for you to consider the emotional and relational elements of your incredible and exciting journey into parenthood or growing your family. 


This course will also help you meet other parent to be and find your parenting tribe. You will also automatically be invited to join a local baby group postnatally at the end of the course.

Family Planning

This course is not exclusively for 1st time parents. Parents who already have children and are 'growing' their families are welcome too!


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