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All information on the Website is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not a replacement for medical advice from a physician, pediatrician or therapist. Please consult with a professional if you suspect any medical or developmental issues with your child. Do not rely on the information on the Website as an alternative to advice from your medical professional. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment as a result of any information provided on the Website.

The information on the Website is general not individualised. Under no circumstances shall we have any liability to you for any damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the site or reliance on any information provided on the site. Your use of the site and your reliance on any information provided on the site is at your own risk.



  • Our Parenting Journeys does not make any representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding consulting services provided.

  • Our Parenting Journeys has made every effort to ensure that all information provided during group or 1:1 work is based on available evidence. Reliance on any information provided by Our Parenting Journeys is solely at your own risk.

  • Our Parentings Journeys makes no guarantees regarding the results that you will see from using the information provided.

  • Our Parenting Journeys will not be liable in any way for any negative impacts that the group work or coaching services may have.

  • Liability in the event of fraud or gross negligence is reserved.

Rachel Colin-Jones is a Parent Coach and qualified Specialist Community Public Health Nurse. Rachel Colin-Jones is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council in the United

Kingdom (NMC Pin 10E0300E). Rachel Colin-Jones is not currently registered or practicing as a Nurse in Switzerland – while she draws on her knowledge and experience as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (SCPHN), in the context of working with clients via Our Parenting Journeys in both group work and 1:1 work she is acting as a parenting coach. While there are similarities between the role of a SCPHN and a parenting coach they are very different activities and it is important that you understand the differences between them. The remit of a SCPHN is much broader than a parenting coach and includes a focus on child and family health including immunisation advice, development assessments, growth assessments, physical and emotional well-being assessments and prescribing. The focus of coaching is to provide information, education and support only and does not include any formal health or well-being assessments as described above.

By entering into an agreement for services with Our Parenting Journeys you are indicating you understand the difference between a SCPHN and a parenting coach. You understand that Rachel Colin-Jones and Our Parenting Journeys (SARL) are not your healthcare provider, and that Rachel Colin-Jones is not providing you with health or medical advice. The information you obtain from our group work or 1:1 coaching sessions is not meant to replace any previously given medical or healthcare advice. You are participating volitionally and Our Parenting Journeys (SARL) will not be liable in any way for any negative impacts that the group work or coaching services may have.

Our Parenting Journeys is meant to assist you and your child by providing an education and

wellness service meant to empower, educate you and help guide you. A parenting coach is not as a physical or mental health/therapy service provider, and this service does not replace medical advice provided by healthcare professionals providing care to you and/or your child.

If you have concerns about yours or your child's development or physical or emotional

health, you should have them evaluated by a medical healthcare provider to get a personalized diagnosis and plan.

By registering and purchasing for any services with Our Parenting Journeys (SARL), you declare that you understand and agree to the aforementioned disclaimer.

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