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Our Partners

As the saying goes 'it takes a village to raise a child' but we also believe that parents should have a 'professional village' supporting them. We are proud to partner and collaborate with many other incredible professionals working to care for, support and empower parents and families. One of our goals is to make parenting support accessible to as many families as possible.


Dr Jo Mueller

Clinical Psychologist

I have partnered with Dr Jo on the development and delivery of some of the parenting seminars I offer and the Transition to Parenthood Antenatal Course


Dr Jo Mueller is a British Clinical Psychologist who specialises in supporting parents with their parenting, as well as their own mental health and well-being. After 15 years working in international parenting research and in UK Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services, Jo is now based near Geneva for much of the year with her two lively young children. Jo’s practice integrates neuropsychological and developmental principles with evidence-based psychological therapies, with an emphasis on mindfulness and compassion-focused approaches. Jo loves being able to help parents feel calmer, more confident, and more connected - to their child and to themselves. 

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Charlotte Patchell

Sleep Consultant 

I have partnered with Charlotte on the development and delivery of the Transition to Parenthood Antenatal Course.


Charlotte Patchell is a UK qualified Nurse, Sleep Consultant and founder of Bubhub Infant Sleep Consulting, Geneva.

Charlotte is a mum to 3 little people, all born and raised in Geneva and empathises with the process of navigating parenthood as an expat family.

With a background in Intensive care nursing, postgraduate studies in clinical nutrition and infant sleep, Charlotte uses gentle evidence-based techniques during the sleep coaching process, with a focus on education, to positively impact the way families think about sleep.

Charlotte works with compassion and respect for each individual family to help empower them to achieve their parenting and sleep goals.

Respecting the unique needs of each child allows parents to feel calmer, connected and confident to support the future of healthy happy people.

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Cara Perrett MBE

Counsellor and SEP

Cara Perrett is an EMDR trained Counsellor and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She started her career as a criminal barrister in London and has a background in peace building and community justice projects. She now offers emotional and psychological support to pregnant woman, infants and parents. She also specialises in working with people who are suffering from the effects of trauma. This can be through medical procedures, including emergency c-sections and other issues related to difficult birth experiences, as well as all other forms of trauma, including early childhood problems. 


The HUB Geneva


The HUB Geneva offers practical information and emotional support for English-speaking parents living between Geneva and Nyon. Check out our website to hear from other local parents, find local services or join one of our regular free ‘walk and talk’ sessions to connect locally with other parents.


Catherine Watt

Certified Lactation Consultant and Cofounder of naitrEnsemble

An Australian mum to two Swiss teenagers, born and raised in Geneva, Catherine has lived in Switzerland for more than twenty years, working for an international organisation, then studying, working and volunteering in local organisations. She sees herself as part ex-pat, part local and has an extensive knowledge of perinatal services in Geneva.

Catherine joined the admin team of the Facebook group Breastfeeding Mamas in Switzerland in 2015. She started hosting informal breastfeeding support groups in her home before teaming up with a local midwife to co-host The Mamas’ Café, an English-language breastfeeding support group at the Arcades Sages-Femmes. The Mamas’ Café was followed by Babytalk, run in collaboration with Laetitia Ammon Chansel. An active volunteer leader with La Leche League since 2019, Catherine became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2022.

Catherine’s passion for breastfeeding is matched by her determination to support parents in defining and meeting their own infant feeding goals, whatever those goals are, and helping them to feel comfortable when things don’t go completely to plan.

Aware of the isolation felt by many new parents, and frustrated by the lack of information available to them, Catherine launched Balades avec Bébés: Parents in the Park as a means of bringing parents together, and naîtrEnsemble to help them find other activities and services in the Geneva area.

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