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Parenting Consultation Package

A deeper dive into particular parenting challenges you are facing with a clear plan and a follow-up

  • 1 h 15 min
  • 250 Swiss francs
  • We can either meet online or in person


This parenting consultation package is ideal if you have some particular parenting challenges that you are stuck with or feel you need support to move forward in. Some examples of things we can work on together are challenges with behaviour, night weaning, fussy eating, development, introducing a new sibling, your emotional health as a parent, your role as a parent etc. With this package you will get a clear written summary and plan that we come come up with jointly and a follow-up session. More details: During a parenting consultation, initially we will explore the current challenge you are facing, as well as talking about your child, you as parents and your family as a whole. We will discuss family dynamics and other factors that may be impacting upon your dilemma. I will guide you through this with questions as needed. Based on our shared understanding of the challenge, we will then begin to build a plan together with achievable and bespoke steps to help you move forward. I will act as your resource for you, suggesting strategies and approaches, but there will also be plenty of room for you to contribute to crafting a parenting plan that feels like it really fits your unique child and family. Of course there will be lots of opportunity to ask questions and explore topics in more or less detail as needed. These are your sessions and my job is to create space for you, provide you with up-to-date and evidence based suggestions and strategies and support you to take the next steps and move forward on your unique parenting journey. After each consultation you will receive a consultation summary and parenting plan via email, with a summary of what we discussed, details of the agreed strategies and approaches and any links to further resources or reading. I will remain available to troubleshoot and support you via whats app or email as you begin to implement the plan and we will schedule a follow-up session at an agreed point in time to review how things are going and tweak the plan as needed.

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