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Join a community of local parents and find evidence based parenting support that equips and empowers you every step of your parenting journey

We believe that every parent should be able to access parenting support regardless of their circumstances. Get in touch if you would like to be considered for subsidised rates based on a needs assessment


Hi! My name is Rachel. I am here to support and walk alongside you as you journey through the early years of parenting.

Families describe working with me as the difference between having a guidebook and a guide who is with you every step of the way.

I am a specialist family nurse and parenting consultant trained to provide holistic care and support in the early years of family life. 


As a mum of two I am walking the journey  too and so really do understand the challenges first hand.

Your opportunity to get to know me - a totally free 15 minute consultation about anything parenting related

My training and experience mean I am a specialist in all aspects of family life in the first 5 years. I support families facing challenges with behaviour, sleep, nutrition, emotional health and much more. My holistic specialism means there is no need to see multiple professionals in the early years as I am able to walk with you through it all. 

My approach is rooted in the science of brain development and attachment theory. I will empower you on your individual parenting journey and help you find evidence-based solutions that work for you and your family.


Transition to Parenthood Course 

A course that helps you to prepare for becoming a parent and supports you as you transition into parenthood.

How we can work together 

I worked with Rachel because I had some questions about my baby's development. Rachel was able to give me lots of ideas on how to help him develop his communication and motor skills. She is so patient and kind, she really helped to reassure me as a parent. She’s such a great resource to have and I know I will continue to solicit her help for both my children. Her holistic approach to raising kids inspires me in my day to day life as a young mother.


I love how Rachel provides a judgment-free space to share my parenting struggles. I really appreciate the fact that she puts her own experience as a parent into the mix and offers parenting strategies that are realistic and not just coming from theory. She is very knowledgeable and it feel great to have her part of our "village". 
Becoming a parent you discover everyone has an opinion on any parenting/baby issue and SO MUCH advice. The internet is overflowing with contradictory information. Rachel provides concrete tools and knowledge based on the science of infant brain development which is essential for the parenting journey. She’s patient and able to communicate in a way that is easy to follow. She encourages and answers all questions. We are very grateful to her for all her support.

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